Open for Dinner on July 4th

Both the restaurant and the beer garden will be open starting at 5pm on July 4th. Join us for some patriotic pasta!

Indian, Peruvian and Moroccan cuisine? Yes, we did!

Last Wednesday Cesco hosted 200 guests from over 20 countries who dined on over 15 diverse native cuisines all prepared by the amazing and talented Cesco chefs. Thank you to those customers who were seated outdoors. Plan your big event with us…we can do it all…even if you […]

Free $50 Gift Certificate – find out how to get one June thru August

Plan your summer soiree June through August and get a $50 gift certificate. Minimum of 25 guests. Call Elaine Sheetz at 669-CESCO-01.

Secret 6-Course Wine Dinner

Secret 6-course wine dinner – free to first 10 people who sign up. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR CLUES.

Father’s Day — a gift idea and fun discounts

Bring dad in for a special dinner featuring all the Tuscan dishes Chef Ricchi is famous for. Half price on wine and also beer specials. How about a gift certificate for dad to use anytime? Always a great gift idea.

Gift certificates available by calling 301-654-8333. Good for […]